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Valve industry need to do to survive, "stable, fast, fine"

Publish Time:2015-2-2

Only effective valve business clearly understand the industry status quo, continue to strengthen optimize their products to enhance the sense of urgency, strengthen corporate culture and market service concept, only to do a steady demand fast, fast in refinement, refinement Striving to allow enterprises to survive in an increasingly competitive tide valve industry, and development.
In the national policy to encourage and support all over Shanghai, Fujian, Zhejiang valve manufacturing in order to promote the transformation and upgrading doing a tremendous effort. China's valve industry investment prospects are very bright. Pump import substitution industry's future was evident. Judging from past experience, the low end China's valve industry has basically been achieved domestically, in the field of high-end domestic companies are by virtue of the cost, channels, service on the comparative advantage of the gradual substitution of imports, and is expected to go abroad to join the international competition in the market.
Now society is the era of information explosion, a competitor in the product meet the inevitable presence of competition in the industry, for some enterprises, but is a good thing. Because of competition, enterprises to improve product quality, improve service quality, consumers with less money to get a better or more spending and services. Market is a "sieve", the industry in the development and progress, the enterprise market is also the industry's survival of the fittest. China has become the world's manufacturing plants, but also valve manufacturing country in the new century, China's valve industry has achieved rapid development, while also facing fierce competition and challenges.
Development is also wonderful cruel, progress in the development of the industry, but also by the survival of the fittest to determine the fate of each enterprise. Although the valve industry momentum Zhengsheng, with the great support of national policies, the market demand continues to increase, and in the valve industry market, the competitive environment, the relevant domestic valve technology can lean improvement, but still There are many confounding factors, the development prospects of the valve industry probably is not optimistic.
Valve industry in specific investment targets, should focus on the margin of safety as well as some with high growth potential of the emerging high-end manufacturing. Only the presence of competitive differentiation in terms of cost of business, technology, sales channels and services, in order to occupy a dominant position in the future tend to fierce competition in the market. For some competitive large enterprises, through competition, firm size getting bigger, and becoming more and more high visibility. But for some do not have competitive small and medium terms, it may be at risk of being merged or closed down. In the increasingly fierce valve market, the company has a core competence in order to gain a foothold in the market, innovation has become a tool for winning business market.
Despite facing a huge challenge in recent years, been a good investment environment and domestic infrastructure policy of deepening the development of China's valve industry will usher in new opportunities for sustained growth. Corporate self-innovation, achievement of leading technology, a wide range of products dizzying, showing a thriving development prospects. Because of this technical achievement, which makes up the valve industry can always maintain a positive trend.
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