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Installation and precautions chemical pump

Publish Time:2015-2-2

Chemical pump installation and precautions:
1. Press the base size to do the concrete foundation, but I buried a good anchor bolts.
2. Before installing the pump and motor response inspect each part should be intact, there should be no debris in the pump.
3. Place the unit on the basis between the floor and put a pair of chocks basis, by adjusting the wedge pad, aligning the pump level. After adjustment, tighten the bolt.
The pump suction, discharge pipe should stand, can not be used to support the pump. Import and export pipeline to pump and export caliber caliber should be unity.
5.FZB series self-priming pump should be installed first, then the inlet tube, fill liquid and then take exit tube, steering correction. Import pipeline pump and the pump must match, and the total length of not more than five meters, otherwise it will affect the performance of self-absorption, self-priming height can be considered the right of the formula is simple: When the self-absorption of water 3m / medium density = actual height of self-absorption.
6. Installation is completed, the final hand rotation coupling, check for collision phenomenon, rotate easily even if the installation is finished.
7. Magnetic pump pulls media is strictly prohibited and easy with a particle crystallization, is not allowed under the circumstances of the discharge port closed for continuity of operation, the need to maintain a minimum flow.
8. In order to prevent debris from entering the pump, should be located at the inlet filter, the filter area should be more than 3 to 4 times the cross-sectional area of ​​the pipe.
9. The high lift pump discharge piping should also install a check valve to prevent the sudden shutdown of the water hammer damage.
10. It is important to ensure that the pump mounting height in line with the pump NPSH and consider the line losses and medium temperature. To avoid the pump body produces NPSH, please must satisfy the following formula:
NPSHa≥NPSHr0.5NPSHa: Available NPSH (m) NPSHr: NPSH (m)
NPSHa = 106 (Pa-Pv) / ρg Prefectural s-hf
Pa: the role of the media in conveying surface pressure (MPa) Pv: Steam pressure medium (MPa) ρ: medium density (kg / m3) hs: suction lift (m) hf: Inhalation vascular resistance (m)
g: acceleration due to gravity (m / s)
11. medium-temperature cooling measures taken to deal with mechanical seal, mechanical seal to prevent deformation of the stationary ring cracking.
12. medium viscosity is too high, the pump performance, power all will change, please contact us for details.
Chemical pump up and running:
1. Before opening the pump should be filled with liquid to be delivered within the pump (such as the case is in the suction pump on), close the outlet valve, connect the power.
2. Turn on the power and check the pump rotation is correct.
3. Commissioning Unit 5 to 10 minutes, if no anomalies can be put into operation.
4. When you stop, you should first outlet valve closed, and then cut off the power.
Chemical pump repair and maintenance:
1. Regularly check the pump and motor, replacement of wearing parts.
2. Long-term shutdown when not in use, should be cleaned and cut off the flow channel pump power.
3. Do idling.
Transport of corrosive media is not strong, the pump what to choose?
Q: We need transport medium for a 5% sulfuric acid, the temperature is around 20 degrees, the corrosion is not strong, the pump what to choose?
A: You can use stainless steel (304) medium range of pumps, stainless steel pumps can deliver the following:
If you transport media found available in the table below for you to list several stainless steel pumps 1, CQ magnetic stainless steel pump 2, IH stainless steel chemical centrifugal pump
If the media is not available you transport found in the above table, the following are listed for you some of the more corrosion material:
1, engineering plastics (reinforced polypropylene)
2, ultra-high molecular weight polyethylene
3, fluorine plastic (polytetrafluoroethylene, polyethylene FEP)
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