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Dagang Oilfield a plant at harvest rainfall increasing oil pump technology

Publish Time:2015-2-2

September 9, Dagang Oilfield Company, a plant oil port of 517-2 after the application of selective mining wells pump technology, the effect of significantly increasing oil precipitation, daily oil production increased from 0.47 tons to 4.46 tons before the measures, water cut rate dropped to 98.6% 86.4%.
Sub-mining process is the use of the same pump pumping units, with a rod while mining the same wellbore two or more oil, more oil is suitable for the development of reservoir permeability due to proximity, such as differences in physical properties of crude oil needs stratified exploration wells, can eliminate or reduce the interference between the layers of oil, increase oil production, improve field development results.
Port 517-2 well is one inefficient wells TANGJIAHE field, measures the day before oil production only 0.5 tons, the moisture content of about 98.5%. After careful comparison of geologists that the number of 72-storey low resistivity, spontaneous potential large, high-level analysis of the aquifer, combined with the well enough for liquid, a small amount of sand, wax is not serious actual production, presented under the sub recommend mining pump, the first layer of No. 70 pick, postharvest layer 72, resume normal production wells.
After strict accordance with the established geological, technical, construction workover program series, Hong Kong 517-2 wells successfully open wells, single well growing reach four tons of oil, water decreased 12 percent.
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