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30 strong enterprises fresh

Publish Time:2009-12-1

2009/12/1/09:22 source: HC water industry net Author: snow

HC water industry network: the number of truly great men, tree industry model. To begin the application launched in September 28, 2009 "Beijing haideneng Cup 2009 (sixth session) China water industry sectors ten selection" activities generate preliminary results. Has the industry well-known brand enterprises water industry influential man,ten valve brand, ten major water machine brand, ten national brand, the ten famous film enterprises, ten potential brand award 7 of participating enterprises, also in growth stage of medium enterprise. While the primary election results produce also cannot do without each enterprise concept note, more cannot do without the enthusiastic participation of broad netizen friend. The HC water industry ten organizing committee to express my heartfelt thanks.

The primary stage, in October 28th -11 month 30 days has been completed, the next to enter the more intense the check stage, namely on December 3rd -25, December 25th,the 10 strong list will be duly announced, expect the water industry enterprises, experts,enthusiastic netizens to continue to support the "Beijing haideneng Cup 2009 (sixth session) Chinese water industry ten selection" activities, support the industry brand!

The specific award votes as follows:

Get ten brand potential before the thirty strong enterprises:

Guangzhou Zhongda Biochemical Technology Co., Ltd.

Shenzhen CALUX Purification Technology Co., Ltd.

Hunan Wellington Membrane Technology Co., Ltd.

Jiaxing Aidiman Water Ecological Engineering Co Ltd

Beijing Yingsheng Weiji Environmental Protection Technology Co., Ltd.

Hangzhou Ming spring water treatment equipment Co., Ltd.

Foshan Cape Collinson Technology Industrial District of Shunde City

Shenzhen City Yun source science and technology limited company

Zhejiang Ruipu Environmental Protection Technology Co., Ltd.

Tianjin Huan Hao science and technology limited company

Cixi Heseme Electrical Appliance Co Ltd

Xiamen ogle water purifying technology Co., Ltd.

Shanghai golden Liumao industry Fluid Technology Co., Ltd.

Kamimi Damiyasul Technology Co., Ltd.

Shanghai Datang Weiye Technology Co. Ltd.

Ji'nan Colin Poole Environmental Protection Equipment Co Ltd

Zhejiang Huaer Le Tube Technology Co Ltd

Quanzhou Huada Environmental Protection Engineering Co. Ltd.

The new Wenzhou Xishan Industrial Co., Ltd

Ji'nan Voight Technology Co. Ltd.

Taizhou Guangyue drinking water equipment Co., Ltd.

Zhejiang Tianle Plastic Co., China.

Chengde Haoyuan plastic anti-corrosion products Co. Ltd.

Zhejiang bestyard Technology Co., Ltd

Hebei Chengda FRP Co., Ltd.

Changzhou Kedi GFRP Co., Ltd.

Wenzhou Heli Automatic Meter Co., Ltd.

Yongjia County Sanjing Valve Co., Ltd

Ji'nan Angel Industry Co., Ltd.

Hangzhou's Yu Technology Co., Ltd.

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